Monday, August 17, 2009

July in Review..

So since I'm not the best at keeping our blog up to date I figured I will try to do at least one entry every month and hopefully I will get better. So here we go! We did a lot during July..
Garred and I took Hailey to the Real soccer game on the 3rd- she loves trying to find Leo the lion. They also let off fireworks after the game, Hailey thought that was the best thing.

On the 4th we went to the Murray parade with Grandma and Grandpa D. Hailey wasn't too thrilled with being up so early, but she finally liked the parade. After the parade we killed sometime before my family bbq and feed some ducks. Hailey loved throwing bread at the ducks and loved that the ducks would follow her around.

July 11th we went to the horse parade. It was a fun 25 minutes-it took us longer to get to there then it took to watch the parade, but Hailey loved the horses. After the parade my brother's boys came ready to play in the water... I didn't bring Hailey's swimming suit, but we improvised and she had fun!

Garred decided to take Hailey camping in the backyard. We bought her a cute pink camo sleeping bag...they had a lot of fun (Ellie and I had fun in the house on our soft beds) and Garred said Hailey is now ready offically to go camping.

I took the girls to the Herriman splash park with my mom and nephews. Hailey wasn't too excited to run through the water, but I got Spencer to drag her out a few times.

We went to Parker's (Garred's brothers little boy) birthay party..Hailey once again didn't really like the water... we need to work on the water thing :)

And the last thing that was exciting was going to Jason's house for the 24th. Garred took some cool pictures of Hailey and the boys with their glow sticks.

Sorry for the long post!