Friday, September 25, 2009

Hailey Randomness

Since Hailey is getting older and getting such a funny little personality I thought I would share some funny pictures we have of her.

When we first brought Ellie home we had to put her in front of the window to help stop her jaundice from getting worse...well Hailey thought it would be fun to lay in the bassinet.

Hailey is learning to play the Harmonica. She really likes it because Scout sings(howls) when she/we play it. (I will have to post a video of's pretty funny)

Hailey sat inside Courtney's purse/bag and we all thought she looked like one of those little dogs people carry around in their purse.

Hailey loves putting on mine and Garred's socks

Hailey has turned into a little artist...unfortunately her art is usually on herself or the walls.

Hailey likes to crawl under Ellie's crib and play with her old jumping playset.

August in Review

August 1st: We went to the 1-800 Contacts backyard bash. Hailey had fun going down the huge inflatable slides and playing in their little swimming pools. Unfortunately, Garred didn’t win anything....we were hoping for a tv or a trip.

Mid August: I took the girls to the county fair with my mom and sister. Hailey had a blast seeing all the cows, pigs and lambs. On our way to the petting zoo area she saw the pony ride and wanted to go (she loves her neighs!), so we let her go. She really liked it even though you wouldn’t have been able to tell since she wouldn’t smile.

August 15th: Ellie is now 2 months old…it’s amazing how fast she is growing! She is now 11.5 lbs (40th percentile) and 23 in long (70th percentile). She already weighs half as much as Hailey. I have a feeling that Ellie will pass Hailey up in weight and height pretty soon. My little baby isn’t so little anymore.

August 16th: We celebrated Ellie’s blessing. My mom made her a beautiful dress. The day was great, Garred gave Ellie a wonderful blessing and we had a bunch of family over to celebrate. It was just a great day!

August 19th: Garred turned the big 30!! We were able to ditch the girls and go out… we went to see GI Joe and ate dinner at Tucano’s. I felt bad that I didn’t do more to celebrate his birthday, but I will totally do more next year.

August 31st: Hailey turned 2!! I can’t believe it was just two years ago that I had my sweet Hailey. Currently Hailey weighs a whopping 21 lbs (3rd percentile) and is 33 in (20th percentile). Even though Hailey isn’t that big now she has come a long way from being born at 3 lbs 10 oz and 16 in. I still can’t believe how small and perfect she came into this world. I’m so glad that all the problems I had during my pregnancy only affected me and not Hailey. We are so happy to have Hailey in our family…she brings so much joy into lives!
Hailey loves Nemo right now so I did a Nemo cake for her birthday and we took her to the Aquarium to see Nemo and all the other fish. It was a lot of fun.