Thursday, June 10, 2010


Here are some pictures from October-December. I know I have more current pictures, but of course I can't find them so as soon as I do then I will post soem more. In the meantime please enjoy!

Also, Ellie will be turning 1 next week...crazy how fast time flies! Here is the birthday invitation I made for her.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Long time no post...

So I am a huge slacker when it comes to blogging. I get so caught up in work and the girls that when I have a free moment I would rather do nothing and relax then spend more time on the selfish I know...I figure I better catch everyone up as to how we are and what we've been up to since the last time I posted.

October: Garred and I celebrated our 5 yr anniversary…I am more in love with him than the first time we met. Ellie had her first Halloween..she was a monkey and Hailey actually got to do a little trick or treating.. she was a ladybug (I was so proud of myself I made her costume (with very little help from my mom))they both looked so stinking cute!
November: I turned another year older and hopefully wiser. We got to spend Thanksgiving down in Salina with Grandma Shep. We got a Christmas tree tag (finally after talking about getting one for 4 yrs) and cut one down by Salina somewhere-it was so fun! Hailey got croup for the first time.
December: Hailey finally got her first official haircut (her hair grows as slow as mine-poor kid). The girls got to see Santa at the Jensen family Christmas party- Hailey is still a little unsure about him and Ellie did care at all. We had a great Christmas all together!
January: We redecorated our family room...Hailey got sick again with some kind of bug and Ellie just keeps growing.
February: Hailey and Ellie both got RSV...of course since my girls are so tough and never act differently when their sick I had no idea...I thought they had a cold and I thought Ellie was teething. After finally being tired of the runny noses I took them to the doctor. Hailey's RSV had turned into pneumonia (Hailey thought the x-ray machine was cool) and Ellie's RSV turned into bronchiolitis. They were such troopers and got better really fast once they were on medication. I started to babysit my neighbor kids. Hailey likes to have people over to play with even if they don't want to play with her some times.
March: We started to really try potty training with worked a little bit, but I don't think I was totally ready to train her so we stopped.
April: Easter came around too fast so the girls didn't get new dresses...we did dye eggs though and they had three Easter egg hunts (Garred's folks did one, My folks did one and then we did one on Easter.
May: We finally built a fire pit area in our backyard. I really worked with Hailey this time around to get her potty far so good! She has had only a few peeing accidents-Ya for not buying as many diapers!

I will add some pictures shortly...