Thursday, November 4, 2010

Free Boat!!

Garred and I have been lucky enough to receive two boats for free! We got our first boat when we were first married and living in our apartment in Sandy. The lady I use to visit teach said we could have her was a big boat and could have been an awesome boat, but after getting the boat and letting it sit in my folks circle for over a month we decided we just needed to get rid of it since it needed a lot of TLC and we couldn't afford it then, so we took it to the dump. Now our current free boat is a beauty..she is a 1958 (or 1957) Glass Magic. A lady in our neighborhood was trying to sell some of her dad's things and she had the boat listed as one of the items. Garred was joking around with her saying that if her dad needed someone to just haul it away for him for free he would do it..about a month later I get a call saying that if we still want to haul it away we can have it. Garred was so excited! I love the boat too because it is so retro with it's fins (Love them!!) The girls love playing in the boat and Hailey is so excited to take it out fishing. The boat needs some TLC too, but we have been able to do all of the repairs our self so far.. here are some pictures of the boat when we got it and after some repairs (We had to remove a piece of wood at the back (transom) of the boat, removed the seats and carpet and then had to remove the flooring since the wood below the fiberglass had rotted away (that was pretty gross)). We will keep everyone updated on the progress.. Garred is hoping to have the boat water ready by the spring :)

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Raising Helm said...

YEAH!!!! Finally you have risen from the underworld. I have loved all the pictures and cannot believe how grown the girls are. Wow, time goes by way too fast. They sure are adorable. Happy birthday by the way. I totally missed sending you my yearly B-day hello. Hope it was good. So much to say and only so much room to write. Good luck with the bishopric! The boat! and catching me up on all the year. We got an old boat and tried the same venture but got rid of it after too much time and occupancy. Enjoy! and Ellie looks like she is enjoying the fishiness-Yuck, But congrats on the contest!