Monday, November 8, 2010

Projects, Canning and Cuteness

I have been itching for a change with our furniture, watching too much HGTV and looking at peoples blogs I have decided to refinish some of my furniture pieces. I'm starting small...I refinished our coffee table (before and after picture below) and I eventually want to refinish our kitchen cabinets. I got this cool desk chair at yard sale and I'm planning on reupholstering it and putting it in our office. I love the green leather on the back of the chair, but that wouldn't look too good in our office so I might have to change that part too.

My mom came over and taught me how to can green beans, pears and peaches...I also canned some salsa too! Hailey had a fun time snapping the beans. I wish I would have taken a picture of all the canning because they all looks so nice in their bottles :)

So I have these two pictures that I just love, 1st: never in a million years would I ever say that Garred wears big pants, NEVER, but when Hailey wears some of his basketball shorts they look huge! 2nd: Ellie has some of the curliest hair when she gets out of tub and I just love how happy she is in this picture.. so cute!


design gal said...

LOVE how your table turned out! Don't you love a great find & turning it into something new?

And learning how to can sounds awesome! My mom canned things all the time when I was younger and I've never learned how.

Guess I haven't lived up to my maiden name, right? (Get it? Shannon Cann? Baha haha!)

Raising Helm said...

Alright!!! what is with everyone and canning? I have wanted, atleast think I have wanted, to try that lovely domestic area of my life but...I have not. I thought I would this year but the cans are still empty. Blah! what do ya do, maybe next time. Your crafty, artsy, talentedness is amazing Linds. Love the table and the chair will be awesome.