Thursday, November 4, 2010


The day of Ellie's birthday party Garred got a call from the Stake President wanting to meet with Garred. We just laughed because he knew a call was coming, but didn't think it would be so soon. So after Ellie's party we went to meet with the stake and Garred was called to be the 2nd counselor in the bishopric. I just laughed- Garred thought he was being called as the Elders Quorum President (the previous one was moving). The Stake President thought it was so funny that I was just laughing and not shocked or overwhelmed by the calling. I told him I knew Garred would do a fantastic job in that calling and I wasn't worried about it. Since his calling Sunday's, Tuesday's and Wednesday's have been a little lonely without him, but we have been so blessed since he accepted the calling that it's worth it. Garred is over the YM/scouts and was able to go with them on a hike for "Operation on Target" they hiked up above Y mountain and they had to signal other YM/Scouts across the valley/county/state with mirrored panels they had to build. The boys were able to sign a group all the way down by Mt. Nebo, up to Lone Peak and across the valley to Tooele.

I took the girls to Tracy Aviary with my mom and nephews. Hailey and Ellie loved seeing all the birds and being with Grandma, Spencer and Zach. Hailey loves her cousins so much and would love it if she could play with them everyday!

We went to the Lehi Rodeo with my family at the end of June (forgot to put that down for June). Hailey and Ellie just love horses. Then we went down to Salina to celebrate the 4th with Grandma Shep. We stayed up at in a cabin at Fish Lake one night with Devin and Ashlee. Hailey and Parker slept out in the family room. During the night We all heard Hailey crying and we went out to see what was wrong...Parker got cold and got in her sleeping bag with her and she didn't want him there with her and her blanket. It was the funniest thing. We went to Cold Springs were Hailey and Parker out fished everyone. Hailey loves spending time with her Great Grandma Sheppard and Ellie loves to give Great Grandma Sheppard lots of kisses (which Grandma Shep doesn't mind in the least). After fishing we came back into town and went to the Salina parade and the the Stubbs family reunion. Hailey and Ellie got to play with their cousins and ride horses. Hailey loved riding the horse, but Ellie not so much. She would rather look at them from afar.

For the 24th we got to stay home and celebrate the holiday with just us. It was nice to just spend time together as a family.

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