Thursday, November 4, 2010

Snapshot of the Week!

When Garred and I were dating his roommates use to call him Mr. Sportsman or the Ultimate Sportsman and I always thought it was kind of funny, but now that we have been married for a while it's not that funny anymore. Reasons why: one of the two main topics always talked about around his brothers is hunting/fishing, Half of the shows set to record on our DVR is hunting shows, fall use to be my favorite season, but now that it's the hunting season I like it less and less each year and either Halloween/my birthday or our anniversary had to be moved because of a hunt.

One thing that has redeemed Garred from this is he entered a couple of pictures of the girls into a photo contests on a local hunting show called "Roughin' it Outdoors" and the girls won the snapshot of the week! I know I have dang cute girls, but I was so shocked when the pictures won. We had gone to Cascade Springs over Memorial Day weekend and stopped in Midway to fish a little on the Provo River and I took the pictures on my camera phone. The girls won us a two burner camping stove and a lantern (unfortunately we already had both of those, but heck we can have two of each!). Here is the link for the snapshot of the week: and here are the pictures:

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